The Details

Gate entrance (driveway), Front door, Herb Garden & Wash line

This is an ongoing project since 2003 regarding construction and renovation as well as the garden that is designed in phases.

The most important part of a residential garden is by far the entrance areas. In the case of this design it was very difficult to design the gate entrance first because of the renovations going on for such a long period of time and it is also a panhandle site. The front door construction was done first so we could start the design there. This area received full sun for the whole day and was not very user friendly when it rained.

We covered it with a glass roof construction so that there is still enough sunlight coming through but it is covered when it rains. It makes conditions also much more suitable for planting (hot house effect). A very nice wooden front door that is a focal point on its own was hanged. We decided to divide the garden into different rooms. The front door area was divided from the herb garden by building a wall with a huge circle hole inside. This is something different already. Half circle steps was built to come down to the front door and plastered with a very rough texture to make it non slip. All the existing paving which consisted out of half bricks was taken out. The area was leveled out and compacted.

Two fountains where installed for tranquility. Five rusted spouts was placed next to each other with water running into a built trough (focal point from the kitchen window next door) A smaller fountain on the opposite wall by the front door with exceptionally well thought trough planting and paving was done. The criteria were to have dry walk ways but still accentuated planting. Circular paving stones where laid to enhance the circle design. The combination of circles and squares worked out very well in this particular design.

Herb garden

Neighbours can be difficult in some situations and we had to make a plan for privacy. The neigbour did not want us extend the wall. Their yard was on a higher level as the one we are busy designing.

Our Plan

We made gabions into the required height, stacked them on top of each other and filled it with dump rock. To make it a bit interesting we used split pole in combination with hedge plants to cover the area up and to give us the privacy in our design that we required. Paving was done in the same design as by the front door the give the design the necessary flow. Three columns was build and big rusted pots were places on top of it for citrus trees.

Wash line

A service area is a very important area in a design but could also be a very untidy spot. This is normally where a household is operated from in terms of cleaning, washing and dust bins. This area should preferably be out of sight.

We constructed a new higher wall, plastered and painted it. The ground level was raised so that it is one level and the same paved design with a slight slant was installed. Half circle steps to go down into the garden were built and a huge rusted pot with a Wisteria creeper was placed strategically to grow over an arch. Smaller rusted urns was place evenly on the opposite side with ball shaped Durantas to soften the area and also to give it a bit of colour. Very modern wash lines that can fold away where placed onto the walls to make the area very neat and tidy if not in use. The design was finished off with a rusted sculpture as a focal point from out the kitchen door.

Entrance Gate

After years of renovating and construction we could start with the outside gate and panhandle.

All existing plant material was removed. A new intercom system was installed and the soil has been prepared. Leopard trees with rusted huge round pots on pillars where spaced evenly and we made use of mass planting in between with Duranta Sheena’s gold & Agapanthus spp. with their mauve flowers. Ticky creepers where planted to cover the unsightly walls.

Right at the entrance of the gate there is an inspection hole for sewerage. Not very appealing so we decided to cover it up with a pedestal and a big fish on top. This is an outside area far away from the initial house and must preferably be low maintenance. We made use of a lot of different pebbles, stones and gravel to keep the design water wise and low maintenance. Tulbagias with mauve flowers where planted at the back for colour and rock roses in front for a bit of foliage. We made use of different curbing around the area to help keep the garden neat and tidy. All plant material in this specific design is indigenous to help us conserve water.

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