Qualified Horticulturist & Landscape Designer

LB Landscapes offers a wide range of products and services to meet all your residential and corporate landscaping needs in Pretoria. Whether your garden project is as large as a shopping mall, or as simple as doing a little garden renovation and upgrades, LB Landscapes offers solutions that are as stunningly beautiful as they are functional and ecological.

Sustainability is among the hallmarks of the work we do, and we strive to weave it into all our garden and landscaping projects. With great attention to elements such as sustainable soils, responsible use of water and the incorporation of native plants, we are creating more than just eye candy: we are creating a habitat, an environment that is bound to grow and evolve, becoming even more beautiful over time. Marrying sustainable practices with our expert landscape design is our natural mandate, the better to create a bridge between your landscape design and the surrounding environment.

Please don’t hesitate to call to discuss your garden ideas. We are qualified horticulturists and landscape designers with a wealth of experience. Passionate about what we do, we welcome inquiries and discussions about landscaping jobs of all sizes and scope. Call or email today to talk about what we can design for you.

Below is a partial list of some of our most popular landscaping services:

Corporate & Residential Landscaping

LB Landscapes has a passion for what we do, designing and implementing residential gardens, corporate gardens and outdoor spaces of all kinds. Designs include park settings to accent and beautify an office building, or cohesive and unified landscaping for townhouse complexes or shopping centres, as well as residential gardens both large and small. Our passion for landscaping combined with your unique vision will translate to a garden, patio or outdoor space that blends seamlessly into its surroundings, providing punctuations of color, texture, perspective and unity that are perfectly balanced both aesthetically and ecologically.

Browse our gallery for a look at some of our most recent landscaping projects to get a feel for what is possible, and call today to schedule a consultation.

Focal Points

The addition of a Focal Point to your garden or landscape serves to draw attention to a specific element in the garden, or conversely to camouflage something you might want to cover up, such as a compost bin or a break in your fence or hedge. Placement of focal points should be in harmony with the flow of your garden, and can be as simple as a grouping of plants, an object, or a combination of both. A grouping of plants or flowers combine beautifully with a feature such as a fountain or statuary, while combinations of objects and plants can add whimsy, such as annuals planted in an old wheelbarrow, or an old bicycle entwined with flowering vines. Put the spotlight on a plant or grouping of plants to hide unsightly spots, or create a stunning centerpiece, water feature or meditation area.

Browse our portfolio for examples of some of our most recent landscaping projects, and call us anytime to discuss ideas for your next garden project.

Irrigation Design & Construction

LB Landscapes provides custom design and installation of irrigation systems that are right for the needs of your garden or landscape. Irrigation is an essential element of your landscape design, maintaining and nourishing the beauty and vibrance of your garden while virtually eliminating water wastage, especially during warmer months. A proper irrigation system can prevent overwatering, providing even distribution of water flow and minimizing root deterioration and soil erosion. There are several types of irrigation systems, and LB Landscapes will design and install one that best suits your needs, ultimately saving you time and money while maintaining and maximizing your garden investment. Underground hose systems, sprinklers, drip irrigation and rotary systems are just some of the types of irrigation that can be installed, with manual or computerized controls depending on what best suits your garden’s needs as well as your lifestyle.

Call us today to find out how an efficient irrigation system can change the way you think about landscape maintenance.

Patio Design

Transform your outdoor space into an oasis of tranquility with a patio design that is both beautiful and functional. Turn a dull outside sitting area into a beautiful living space, create a haven of privacy and peace, or bring the indoors outdoors with a complete kitchen and living area to share with family and friends. Using combinations of plants, objects, elements and textures, your patio can be a treat for all senses: fragrant flowering vines, the sound of running water, gentle breezes rustling the leaves. Beautifully placed objects, a combination of textured surfaces, stones, seating areas, places for both shade and sun – all can be created in even the smallest of yards, while a larger area can be expansive, containing several areas of interest, utilizing the changing sun and shade conditions of your site. Adding fire pits, pools and fountains, grill stations and pergolas are all examples of things to incorporate into your patio design, adding value to your home and quality to your everyday living.

Browse our portfolio to see some of the beautiful patios we have created, and call today to find out how we can help design the outdoor space of your dreams.

Instant Lawns

Instant Lawns are a perfect solution to poor soils, sloping property sites, or if there is a need to have a beautiful, useable lawn quickly. Added benefits include dust control, soil erosion control and increased oxygen production as well as providing a cooling effect and a lowered grass allergen level. A natural fire barrier, an Instant Lawn provides curb appeal to any home and helps to increase property values. Instant lawns can be installed at any time of the year, and are easy and cost effective to maintain. LB Landscapes installs only the best quality instant lawns, using grasses that have been developed for the region and are virtually free of weeds: Kikuyu prefers the sun, and is excellent for both residential and commercial lawn use, with low maintenance and good adaptability to both wet and dry conditions. LM grass has the benefit of high shade tolerance, and is great around pools, noted for its soft, springy texture. LM can also be combined with Kikuyu to fill in shady areas. Evergreen instant lawns have the benefit of hardiness through all seasons, retaining its vibrant color in even the coldest months as well as being versatile for use both in sun and shade conditions.

Call today to discuss your needs, and have a beautiful green lawn in no time.

Fountains & Water Features

Fountains and other water features add beauty and value to your home and your lifestyle, and LB Landscapes is well qualified to design and install a beautiful water feature that will integrate beautifully into your garden design. The sound of running water creates a sense of peace and tranquility, providing an ambient place for reflection and meditation and essentially bringing the sounds of nature into your living space: like a waterfall that flows gently into a fishpond, blending seamlessly into the landscape for a completely natural look and feel. Fountains and water features are easily integrated into even the smallest of spaces, making it easy to create an oasis of calm, no matter where you live. Best of all, water features are easily managed, lacking any of the fuss of a swimming pool. Whether small and compact or on a grand scale, fountains are often recognized as art on their own, providing interesting textures and scenic value beyond their functional use. Whether simple, subtle and elegant or grand and expansive, a water feature will add sound, texture and movement to your landscape design, attracting wildlife and enhancing your local ecosystem while raising the harmonic vibration of your little slice of the world.

Browse our gallery for some examples of our most recent projects, or call today to discuss how a fountain or water feature can add beauty and value to your garden.

Renovations & Minor Construction Work

LB Landscapes would love to help you with your renovation plans. We can renovate existing bathrooms, build a small braai area, construct a boundary or retaining wall, add steps, wooden decks and patio areas. Whether your renovation project is large or small, the end result will add value and beauty to your property in addition to enhancing your lifestyle. Adding outdoor living space provides a more expansive feel to the home, while the construction of a wooden deck or an outdoor braai area for an apartment or office building adds value for your tenants as well as providing areas to relax and connect with others and with nature. A boundary wall can be built from stone, brick, wood or a combination of materials. Providing both security and privacy, it provides a barrier to sound, wind and prying eyes so that you can enjoy living your life without distraction.

Call today to discuss your renovation needs and see how LB Landscapes can help make your ideas become reality.