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Bore hole

Drilling of a borehole in Veresig Estate

This was a good challenge for LBL in terms of a ring feed irrigation system. The site was assessed and the geological engineer pinned the spots with blue spray paint where water could be drilled for. There was about three different areas but only the one spot was suitable for the truck to get into and to be stable enough for it to drill.

The water table was reached at approximately 85m deep. Sleeves were sunken and the bore hole pump was connected. Electrical work was done by a professional electrician and the necessary certificates was obtained. Two JoJo tanks on a solid 75mm concrete floor was placed as close to the borehole pump as possible.

The irrigation computer with relay switch was installed close to the JoJo tank together with the pressure pumps. The tanks were filled with water and the irrigation system connected.

The system irrigates 16 stations all with excellent pressure.

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