Letitia Bruwer - Landscape Designer

Letitia Bruwer is a qualified Horticulturist and Landscape Designer with years of experience and a wealth of knowledge to share. Located in Pretoria, she has unparalleled experience in both residential and commercial garden design, bringing knowledge of the latest and hottest trends as well as the classic and traditional to every garden she designs. Bringing your garden dreams to life with a combination of creative landscaping ideas and practical expertise, Letitia’s enthusiastic and passionate approach to her work is inspired by her love for what she does, because creating beauty and adding value to your home or business is truly a labor of love.

To give you an idea of what exactly LB Landscapes can do for you, we asked Letitia Bruwer to elaborate on the Values and Goals of LB Landscapes and here’s what she had to say:

Here at LBL we strive for aesthetic as well as ecological perfection. We design from the very basic of gardens up to corporate developments. We believe that the client should be able to consider the designed garden as an extension of their personality; the client must in other words feel a harmonious co-existence with their own private piece of nature.

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