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LB Landscapes is the premier choice for Landscaping in Pretoria. From Landscaping tips and ideas to complete garden design and landscape architecture, our site is designed to stimulate ideas that will not only beautify your world, but add value to your property. Striving for aesthetic as well as ecological balance, we believe that your garden design should be an extension of your personality, creating a harmonious coexistence between you and nature.

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Hiring a landscaping designer might just be the smartest investment you can make for your home or business. LB Landscapes is well qualified in the principles of garden design, and can help you to avoid potentially costly mistakes: choosing the right plants for your specific site while applying the principles of balance, color, texture, proportion, perspective and unity – all integral elements of a successful garden design.
LB Landscapes provides clear communication, planning your garden with the utmost respect for the environment and using sustainable practices whenever at all possible. Armed with knowledge of local laws and regulations, LB Landscapes has connections with local contractors and top vendors, ensuring your landscaping project is deployed over a clear and reasonable timeline, with a minimum of stress during the process. Inspired by design, beauty, color, nature and most of all our clients’ needs and vision, your garden or landscaping project will be as beautiful as it is functional, integrating your garden ideas into a fully developed and cohesive design that you will enjoy for years to come.

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