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A garden with a lot of challenges

This is an ongoing project since 2010

This garden was totally overgrown and a very beautiful house was hidden under big untidy bushes. Our aim was to tidy up the garden and to remove all unwanted plant material. With the site cleaned, we started with the different phases of the design. Challenge number two was to get the old 1938 Ford Anglia vintage car lifted over a two meter high wall into the area where it would form part of the landscape design. A few water features were constructed all in different phases but, the criteria was to keep the design elements the same throughout the project. Thus we worked with the same hard landscape supplier. As you would walk through the garden you would notice that all the pots used are the same color and texture but different shapes and sizes. That would be the element in this garden that gives the design, the element of continuity.

With all the existing foliage removed we had a lot of open bare soil areas. Neighbors also now had a good view into the area. Our intention was not to open up the land but to redesign in such a way that it would be a well thought out concept. A few hedge plants as well as big trees, suited for the size of the garden, was planted to give us a well developed canopy when the trees was fully grown. Focal plants were placed very strategically and fillers plants were used where necessary.

With each phase we developed the garden more and more.


Main Bedroom Bathroom and Patio

An outdoor shower was added as part of the main bedrooms bathroom with a glass roof for bathing in moon light. The whole bathroom was redesigned to form a part of the new developed garden.

Old slate paving was replaced with nice stepping stones with a lot of detail. A tranquil corner was created outside the main bedroom for private coffee drinking with someone special on weekends. A sandstone & wrought iron table with two chairs complemented the area and the style of the design very well. A beautiful pot with water softly flowing over it gives the tranquility the area needs.


The Front Door

The front door is always a very important area and I feel that it display the character of the house. It must be a inviting to go inside. LBL kept the design very simplistic but with enough detail to make it interesting. The grass patch was designed in a paisley shape with small cobble blocks to round it off. Foliage plants were used to give color and texture. As you would walk through the garden every different area is designed in a way that it is completely different than the other, but still complement the rest of the design.

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